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Summer is  on its way and youre probably wondering how to get your summer books. Thats why im happy to announce a 1,440 thousand dollars giveaway by Scarlet Dawn. Author of the Cold-Mark series and many more.

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The Cold Mark Series by Scarlett Dawn


This is the whole series in one.


Cold Mark – The Complete Saga

Thrown head first into a barbaric world she knows nothing of, Braita Valorn must adapt to a dark life as a slave of the Mian society–her existence depends on it.

Danger lurks, and Braita’s lack of knowledge of the planet, Triaz, is now abundantly clear. On a mission to find her best friend, Jax, she must infiltrate the Crank Pit, a brutal complex where Mian enter, only to leave absent a heartbeat.

Braita Valorn is stuck. She has no real freedom, her existence dependent on what the men of Triaz decide. But she desperately wants it to be, and will do anything to capture it.

Judgments are made, an archaic stand within Mian laws, and Braita finds herself charged with treason. But never one to sit during a battle, she risks her last chanceof release with blackmail.

Braita Valorn is a disaster walking. One mistake after another on the planet Triaz has landed her in troubleTIME and again.
Will Braita obtain her freedom?
Or will she finally accept a life she never asked for?


Yes! I got a copy of this from the Author Scarlett Dawn in exchange of a honest review.

Scarlett Dawn is one of my favourites authors, i love her Forever Evermore series so having this book was huge gift to me.
Initially i read this as a serial, it was a total torment because i had to wait for the next publishing date to continue and it didn’t help that each was short i was in constant state of torture.
So this is a huge blessing to those who haven’t read yet.

Cold Mak is about a 18 year old girl Braita who was born and lived in another planet, Joyal always on alert from the other planets with an alien race.
Earth got destroyed–Da, da, da!!

They could only save important people to the society and even then only a few made it to the chosen planet. A small planet that humans could actually survive that wasn’t already habitable. The planet wasnt all that stable but was capable and bearable.
Things had to be different, new rules, new beginnings so they wouldn’t make the same mistakes as their ancestors on earth and also the two bigger planet with Non-humans.
Braita was in every sense a soldier, she serve her planet Joyal dutifully until a day came when Joyal met a disaster and now she was losing her planet. The humans made a deal with two other alien race who live close by. The would take some of the humans if disaster meet Joyal in exchange of technology.

These alien races are different first The Main are the warrior race while the Kireg are the Psychic race. The beginning of a new journey, a new battle of how Braita could survive in another planet, with different beliefs, rules and culture. A whole new world.
200_s (2)

I really like the plot of this book, This world is unique with the characters intriguing especially the main character was strong, brave and determine. This book is hilarious, a spice to the summer sun. Braita was strong , stubborn, incredible but not perfect she never gave up even when things seemed so hard. The plumas are by far my favourite characters, they are sarcastic, exciting and thrilling. It was amazing. The writing was very accurate which made this book whole and feels like a box of chocolate. IT IS SOMETHING I FULLY RECOMMEND.
This book is mature and has a lot of spicy Scenes that are meant for mature readers.

Summer Reads!


You all know what this time of the year means, yes you do! Its SUMMER and that means Sunbathing, a lot of it and (ogling) oops. Yes you are all catching up.


Sometimes to just lay and be watching your body every second is really hard, so i brought something to give your mind a whole place to be without moving an inch. Do you know how? Summer reads. The best of the best.

These are fun, light and hilarious. Trust you will laugh your tan off…no i mean you will laugh your skin off erm yap im horrible at this so Instead of just counting each second before you get tanned spend it in another world!


Fly on the Wall by E.Lockhart

This is a very relaxing and entertaining book. It’s a book you would want to have while going to the beach.
It’s simple and fun, short too. It’s funny and light. I laughed out loud a lot of times and the characters are easy to understand.

In fact most of the Author’s books are Summer Reads so check her out!


#2  Geek Girl By Holly Smale

Everything that happened was full of cuteness and humour.
I loved the characters, it was an easy read something to take your mind of things.
If you want to laugh off your ass then you need to purchase the book because every word will leave you gasping for breath (in a good way).


#3 Fall (Cold Mark) by Scarlett Dawn

This is a Sci-Fi short story, its a very thrilling read.


So these are my Top Three Summer Read though I will continue my posting my Summer reads.

#4 Drink, Slay, Love by Sarah Beth Durst


#5 V is for Virgin by Kelly Oram

This is a very irresistable book 🙂 You have been warned!


These are more toplist, I will of course continue posting more and more Summer reads and dont forget you cant have a summer read without reading any of Meg Cabot’s. Have a great summer folk and comment on what you think.

Queen of Blood


By Jill Myles –Expected Publication June 30th 2015

I am laying on my bed and staring at the ceiling after reading and all I can think is-


I really, really love this book. Everything here was so sweet, the characters were original and fantastic.
I could compare this with The Selection series by Kiera Cass but that would be comparing light and darkness.

I just think fans of The selection would probably appeal to this book. A castle, a prince, a rebellion, a marriage omg what more do you want in life?!!

Shop with List

Yeah, yeah I know.

So I have been craving a prince and princess story for a while now but have been disappointed until now.
When i first read the synopsis of the book, I was like–ugh this is so chessy. But i had to swallow my tongue when i started reading.

But really the synopsis did sounded cheesy, a prince meeting a savage girl and then we all know what will happen but honestly things isn’t that black and white nor is it black, white and gray. Theres only red, the red of blood here.

The Vidari, a tribe who were imprisoned and defeated by a larger nation called the Athonites. The monarch of the Athonites were cursed by their goddess a long time ago for the cruelness shown to her daughters.
The curse was that generations of the Royal bloodline shall never see the daylight, they would feed from others but will never be sated and would live forever—except if they find an Eterna and only if the leader was not cruel and could feel pity and sympathy for others. Theres a lot of If

The search for the mysterious Eterna has been going on for centuries, even everyone had begun giving up on the “Eterna” thinking it as a cruel joke from the goddess until now.
So from the curse you could see that They were Vampires but in the book they were called the Blood. Where does our Mc come in?
Yes our main.character who was a true heroine with faults and strength was a Vidari. The Vidari were not slaves to the Anthonites but lived as one because of the defeat against them, they had nothing and only survived with sheer luck. The vidari were tired of all the labour and suffering while the Anthonites waste and enjoy.
They are angry, tired and just wanted equality. They just wanted to stop the hardship, the suffering and so a rebellion was born of hate and sorrow.
What they were not counting on was the goddess choosing some goose girl especially as a bride to a proud and arrogant(Sexy) Anthonite prince.
This is where the story spins off though the book plot revolved around these opposites.
To him she was a savage, a wild thing. To her he was the enemy how would they ever settle this?
This book is not just some love story, the author focused on them but not all the time. The rebellion was the main plot, the marriage just a wood for the fire.
That was the fun part, the book was hilarious and heart crushing. I was an emotional rollercoaster throughout. I learned to love the characters and how the Author resolved everything in one book is a deep mystery because there was everything in this book;Growth of characters, a lot of plot twist and oh the heart crushing moments. The book wasn’t too fast but oh how i wish the author could put more depth in the ending.

I loved it all! The book was altogether captivating and interesting something to grab your mind and heart.
I would gladly recommend to my friends because they just have to experience this.
I received this from netgalley in exchange for a honest review.

Available on Amazon

Sunset Rising


By S.M McEachern



Deep breath, pam calm down. Calm down.
Let’s just start with how amazing and beautiful this book is, wow it’s been a long time since I have gushed over a book. This book is incredible, it blew my mind and sleep away (since I stayed up reading it) and I still want more, I wanna read it all over again and save the precious memories.

This is just what I really need, something into so all my thoughts are just the book.

Finally the world ended.

dun dun

World war three took place destroying the earth 3centuries ago.
The few people who got a warning before the ending got to live in a dome created by the president in case of an emergency but wasn’t built for that kind of emergency. Except what the president wasn’t counting on was her general betraying the country and killing her, turning the civilians into slaves to work for him and his soldiers.
This soldiers and the general three centuries later built up a population with the general family ruling as tyrants and the civilians left to slave in the dome for generations and generations bringing more generation along.

The general family ruling from generation to generation doing nothing except being tyrants and punishing the people.
(I just feel the *bastard* guy is Hitler reincarnated except he got reincarnated in a fantasy. How lovely)
how hard
With all the labour and slavery all they got back was a harsh life where they were killed at the age of thirty five just to reduce overpopulation(which was totally an imagination of a fucked up general). They suffer and labour restlessly for the upper domers. Who punishes them and look down on them, rewarding them with beatings and more ill treatments and when I mean Ill treatments I mean beatings to a pulp, prostitution of girls from age of twelves to men old enough to be their grandfathers. Labouring all day long and killing when the felt like.
Life isn’t easy but one girl and a boy managed to stand. She isn’t a hero, she is easily forgotten if not for the red hair except coincidence; I think not, changed everything. The way the people thought started changing, sparking a rebellion and an secret alliance. Battling a tyrant and a to-be tyrant (Ahem– Aka Crazy ass bitch) Battling against dictation ship for rights and freedom for equality.
I love this book, the characters especially, my red haired character and oh the hot boy always a hot naughty boy (giggle, didn’t but it makes me look human) They were hilarious and wonderful. This book kept me into it and I advice don’t start reading if you kept anything on the stove. Trust that advice.

Except you want your food to be like this-

The writing drifted me away from reality, at times I became exasperated with the author when I couldn’t follow who was talking but those times were few and all but forgotten with the way the story went.
This is a book of bravery, heroism, tyrant and knowledge.

It’s a damn wonderful book. I don’t need to say I will be reading the next one and lucky for me it’s out already!! Yay!

So guys-wahhhhhhhhh

Go get that book already!

The Heir


The Heir by Kiera Cass.

Before you read this book, please read the first three of the selection it will give you more insights about this. This book is about the daughter of the first three book were about so as not to confuse yourselves read the first three.

Before reading.


That’s enough to buy it.

After reading-
I’m numb, I can’t feel and I won’t feel because with the ending Keira gave us I refuse to feel anything except if the next book is in my hand.

The selection, thirty nine boys came but only one would be chosen but who is he?

Who could break through the shield the princess keeps around her? Anyone? Anybody….?


The selection is an event where boys from all over the country come and compete to win the heart of the heir. This time the heir is a girl. This had never happen, so this made a history. The selection happened to her parents which I read and adore in my little small heart.

As far as characters go our MC Eadlyn is not the worst but she was not at all what I expected, I didn’t like her but I don’t dislike her either. She’s someone who is selfish but in a way that she wasn’t even aware of it, she’s determined and mean sometimes to extent I wanted her to taste my fist.


It’s tough and so easy to dislike her but I love the way Keira captivates us to understand the character, all of a sudden it seems like reality. The fact that the princess wasn’t worshipping her mother at her every turn made me liked her the more, she was her own character and not some version of America and that’s one of main thing I loved about her.
War is over, no rebellion, no caste but why should everyone not have a caste except the Monarch? This is a question that ties itself to events that happened throughout the book.

This selection compare to the first is more of a pale and watered version, I couldn’t stop myself from comparing the two. The princess was distant with the guys, she tries so hard to be strong but ends up failing. The boys except two, flock her it’s like fly surrounding a pile of dog poop (sorry for the disgusting image ack) and its like putting a butter on a fry pan. It melts immediately. Which was very predictable but the characters the standby ones were the ones who impressed me and I meant the family Oh! Maxon how old you’ve grown but I just can’t seem to grow out of my crush for you.
The story picked up when it was about 80% and that’s when I started to feel connected to the characters. Which was so bittersweet because I just realised I wanted her to choose one of the boys i love and I’m not sure he has a chance.

Let hell rain on earth. No chance dude.
The ending just left me numb.

the hell
Again Maxon and America managed to put tears in my eyes. Why?! They managed to make the day and managed to turn me to a starving dog drooling for the next book.
All I can say is this book was bearable especially because my two favourite characters were in it, though the focus wasn’t much on them they still managed to sweep me off my feet or should I say made me stay awake reading it. Plus the way Keira writes was just captivating and smooth (if that makes sense) it felt like flying and before I knew if the book is over.
The ending is just…..I’m too heartbroken to speak.


Im just gonna run to my room and cry…….or rage? Who knows.

Masque of the red death.


By Bethany Griffin.

Since there is no words for my reactions, i will go with images.





It was pretty amazing. This book was a terrible shake of reality to me, I just realised that I need to hug my family and friends more and enjoy their bickering while I can.

The disaster and horribleness that’s the world of this book left me needing a bleach for my brain.

The world has ended but not the way everyone thought it would. There’s a virus that’s in the air once contaminated there’s no coming back, there’s no medicine and it’s in the air. The body rottens, pus and scar pops up on the skin leaving a disgusting image on my mind and even more disturbing you can contact it like a cold.
Only the rich can afford the mask that keeps the contagion at bay, but sometimes even money can’t buy everything.
There’s an evil prince who does not give a rat ass (why rat ass?) of the life of the poor and barely considerate about the rich. All he cares is a solution for cure (for himself)  which only science can help find but since almost all the scientist are dead how is that going to work?
Our main character father is the one here who all hope could find the cure, he is the only scientist good enough and one that invented a hope, you may thinking what’s the MC doing since it looks like it is the father who has the stage but oh no! Evil isn’t as simple as it looks it’s complex.

Her fight. The rebellion from science to freedom, the advantage of everyone not destroying another or not finishing themselves off of actually the earthto its former glory  but how is she going to do that with those two hot steamy, never mind.
I can’t say the MC is a heroic type even the heroes in the book are very far from being true heroes which makes this book feel all the more real.
The way the author writes makes you actually believe it’s happening now and not something you’re reading in your head. She draws you into the story never letting up until you’re sunk that’s how I felt. The characters have realistic traits they are not full fledged heroes and you might think they are going to do something predictable but won’t.
It’s a dark and misery world filled with disease and nightmares except it happens in the daylight and comes to life and live with you which makes it no longer a nightmare?!
Any one who is looking for a good scare and a reason to flee from Earth read this book it will definitely convince you, it almost had me since am currently in the airport writing this review. Ah yeah they just called my flight. Sorry no phone allowed.

The Time Revolution.

We have argued it, we have dscussed it and now its time for action.


Okay, not that kind of action.


Oh….kay not that eithier….


Yes perfect. (Rubbing my palms together and giving my computer the evil Mr burn look)

We need a time machine which use is specifically for travelling through time and get books that takes forever to publish or takes forever to wait for and the perfect person to build this is just Iron man. Im just going to write my sob letter and hope wherever he is he would recieve this and read my pain and desperation in it. Think of it iron man comes to save every readers day.


Thank you Star craft marine. Yes its about damn time but unfortunately my generation is a bit slow and i know somewhere deep in my big heart that this machine wont be created before i turn into a cubid so i will just go into my room and cry myself while reading books already published and mucnhing on chocolates.

This all leads to what am i reading now?

Breaking  Sky by Cori Mc-Carthy


What are you reading?

Comment below on your thoughts on Time Revolution and your curretly reading.

Drink, Slay, Love.


By  Sarah Durst Beth.


I  hate sweet endings, they leave me aching for more *sobs* why?!
Pearl is a vampire, a born vampire like the myth vampires only come out at night and are stronger, faster and deadlier but what the myth didn’t say is vampire have a natural enemy: The unicorns. Sounds ridiculous isn’t it but it’s true, the unicorns or more known as were- unicorns are the natural enemy of vampires they have the stake meaning the unicorns horn.


Sweet unicorns, why have you betrayed us.
On a night sixteen year old pearl was out hunting, she got stabbed not in the heart by a unicorn, since that moment life have never been the same. She could walk in daylight and begun to feel empathy for her prey known as the humans. Normally humans are treated as animal just food to be used but after the unicorn-stabbing episode her self consciousness awakened which released a string of event like she attending high school for the first time to gain the trust of the high schoolers for the main vampire feast of the year or century. Pearl never saw human as anything but food but after meeting some great friends and a very sunshine and rainbow guy who by the way is hot with capital H, she couldn’t go on with the man slaughter her family and king demanded on the schoolers.

Overall I love pearl she got wits and is honest, she’s so honest it’s sarcastic and Evan is just *sigh* dreamy he’s pearl opposite in every way. The writing style of the author and her imagination was fantastic. I recommend this if you’re looking for some fun read. It will make you laugh and cry at the same time.

Comment below on what you think about the book and review.

Weekend Reads!

Don’t you love the feeling of having a book you know you will love to read, without much work towards looking for it? Well it is time again, the time to take a break from your work, school and all everything thing that humans do to occupy their time or survive. IT IS THE WEEKEND. You can’t have a weekend without a weekend read.

It is the time to leave reality for a while and indulge in the fantasy realm!Here are some great, quick reads that I found and read which will leave you satisfied to a level. Trust me it is like eating the finniest chocolate and drinking a very cold and bubbly drink on a sunny day.



uhiuopå,       udrik

sraasch_snowlikeashes__span      lovely

This books will blow your mind to far and beyond. The weekend is coming so are my reviews. Have a great weekend everybody. All books are currently available on Amazon, Smashword, Barnes and Noble. Each with different price.